What is the maximum quantity of garcinia cambogia that can be taken for weight loss?

maximum garcinia cambogia doseGarcinia Cambogia is an amazing natural supplement for weight loss. When taken in the proper dosage and with the right diet, this plant extract will quickly melt away fat.

It will also suppress appetite, which increases weight loss. The side effects are minimal and many individuals never experience any negative side effects from this drug.

The exact dosage, however, is difficult to determine. Those taking garcinia cambogia need to consult their doctor to discuss the personal advantages to this extract. Many advocates for the drug attest that the correct dosage depends on the weight and diet of the individual. Some medically obese individuals will take up to 3,000 milligrams a day, as do athletes. While higher doses are more effective during the weight loss regimine, those who wish to lose a small amount of weight need to start with smaller doses.

There have been no recorded instances of poisoning due to garcinia cambogia, but the drug is not tested by the Food and Drug Administration. People who wish to start this drug would be wise to check with their doctor, then take the extract under strict doctor supervision.

People taking garcinia cambogia will attest to its efficiency and effectiveness. If you choose to begin an extract regimen, make the decision wisely and inform yourself on every aspect of the extract. Read everything you can find, especially reports delivered by the government or food safety agencies.

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