Is Garcinia Cambogia safe to take with Coumadin?

is garcinia cambogia safe to take with coumadinTaking Coumadin (Warfarin) with garcinia cambogia is a topic you need to discuss with your doctor. That being said, Garcinia is all natural, and it does not contain green tea. Since both green tea and garcinia cambogia are natural supplements, they are safe to take together.

Before combining medications, talk to your doctor and find out if it is safe to add natural products to your diet. Changing anything in your diet depends on your medical conditions, your weight loss goals and your personal habits. Habits such as smoking or recreational drug use may affect the use of other natural medicines, so approach the topic with care.

Supplements have many different advantages, and garcinia cambogia seems to have very few negative side effects. Trying different supplements often works in the favor of the user, especially when they are taken in their most natural form. Nature is a wonderful cure-all, and those who work with nature rather than trying to fight it with chemicals report higher success or happiness.
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