Garcinia Cambogia – Headaches And Heart Racing

garcinia cambogia headaches and heart racingGarcinia cambogia is a safe, natural nutritional supplement with no known side effects when taken within recommended dosages.

Garcinia cambogia trees are native to Southeast Asia and grow small pumpkin-like citrus fruit, often called tamarind. The active ingredient of the fruit is hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which is extracted from the rind pulp. HCA has been studied extensively and shown to be very safe for otherwise healthy adults. There are no added stimulants which would cause the heart to race, or induce headaches. Some people suggest taking a combination of garcinia cambogia and caffeine, but this should be avoided for those prone to headaches, high blood pressure or a racing heart.

HCA has two main actions. It acts as an effective appetite suppressant through enhancing the body’s serotonin levels. Higher levels of serotonin have been shown to enhance mood, and lower hunger. HCA also aids weight loss by inhibiting the ATP citrate lyase enzyme. This enzyme converts excess carbohydrates to fat in the liver. The effects of HCA supplementation may be cumulative, but recent studies have shown it to be an effective and safe weight loss aid.

It is important to keep within the safe, recommended dosages. The recommended dose is 500 – 1000 mg three times a day for both men and women. The supplement should be taken thirty minutes before meals. The dose varies according to body size and the results required. The maximum daily dose of 3000 mg has been shown to be the most effective in studies, and have no adverse health effects on participants.

Headaches have many causes, some of which have to do with stress and dietary factors. HCA, by increasing serotonin, could actually be of benefit in these cases. However, it is still best to consult a doctor about its use with specific health conditions and its potential interaction with any medication you may be on. Use this webpage for informational purposes, only a doctor can give advice on this topic.

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